One of the biggest mistakes a new author can make is to self-publish a book riddled with errors. Have your book professionally proofed and edited before you go to press. We will be happy to advise you about your editing needs. Often, just more work on the author’s side will do, and that will eliminate further costs.

We offer a full spectrum of editing services from copyediting—including substantive developmental consultation—depending on our evaluation and acceptance of the manuscript. We will offer our recommendations in a free consultation after we’ve evaluated the manuscript.

Copyediting vs. Proofreading

Proofreading is the last stage of editorial development before publication. It’s a “last look” for spelling issues and minor inconsistencies.

The copyediting stage of any book is the most crucial. Unless the book has been copyedited by a reliable source (sometimes the author) CRP will normally advise the author to use this resource. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, narrative structure issues will all be checked and evaluated for possible revision. We will suggest the author’s level of need for our services.



Designing a book, inside and out, requires an experienced graphic designer who has a working knowledge of pre-press formatting and best-practices preparation for different publishing platforms.

CRP has extensive design experience. From university presses to NYC publishing houses, we work hand-in-hand with authors to make sure their book will be presented using the highest design standards.

We will offer the author several design options for the interior and try to incorporate any ideas for the cover design, but based on our marketing experience, we reserve the right to make it better.

From precision interior layout—image heavy to narrative text—to award-winning covers, we will find the best way to showcase your book in the market.

Books will be formatted and press-ready depending on author’s publishing venue or they can be published under the Chester River Press imprimatur with Ingrams publishing as partner.


Graphic Design Services:

From a business card or corporate logo to a billboard, CRP has the experience to meet your individual and business needs. With over 20 years in the banking, health, real estate, and casino industries, CRP will help you define your branding and sharpen your messaging.