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Chester River Press is an editorial, design and publishing service for authors. We are also limited edition letterpress printers.

We’re here to help authors get their manuscripts ready for publication.

You’ve just finished your manuscript and you want a professionally edited and designed book and you want it made available to the world as a hardback, paperback or ebook.

We can guide you through the complete process.

Chester River Press’ editing and design services, partnered with Ingram worldwide distribution system, offers a streamlined approach to placing your book front and center in the marketplace.

Please query us before submitting a manuscript. Although we are primarily a self-publishing service, books must meet our publishing standards—strong and compelling writing and narrative technique are the fundamentals we seek.

2016 Highlights

Winter Highlight: Robert Day for President

Chester River Press is pleased to Announce the release of
Robert Day for President; An Embellished Campaign Autobiography

ISBN: 978-0-578-17692-5 • Available at

“I want to be President because I don’t want anyone else to be President.Many must feel the same way. What follows is the story of how I became the political person I am today. It is my platform. If it could be your story, vote for me.  It would be like voting for yourself. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

So begins the Book-of-the-Month-Club novelist and award-winning short story author Robert Day in his new book Robert Day for President, an Embellished Campaign Autobiography.

His book is a memoir about how he “became the political person he is today” growing up with a Republican father, a Democratic mother, and a Polish Socialist grandmother.

What “feels good” about Day’s book are the scenes and the characters. We see him at a 1960s rally protesting his university’s off-campus housing policy, “a policy that discriminates against African Americans (who were not yet African Americans in Kansas, nor even Blacks, but Negroes or Colored. Among other nouns.)” Then later, his presence at the first large Tea Party rally in Washington, D. C. (“Harm was in the air: you could see it.”) Along the way we meet Jeb Bush, William Kristol, Peggy Noonan, Anne Coulter, Fox News, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Everett Dirksen, Hillary Clinton and Day’s maternal Grandmother, Sallie Makielski—herself the author of The Makielski Proclamations:

Machines that Run on Their Own Can Run You Over.
Stand Good Brooms on Their Handles.
Wires Connected to the House Take Money Out of the House.
First, Take Care of Yourself so You Can Care for Others when They Need you, and so No One Need Take Care of You.

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