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The art of the book has long been the centerpiece of Chester River Press' raison d'etre. Although CRP was founded in 2006, their letterpress printing experience reaches back to the early 1980s during the revitalization of the west coast small press movement.


Using metal type (Linotype and Monotype) and current photopolymer technologies, Chester River Press letterpress books uphold award-winning standards shared by the finest presses in the world. Printed on handmade or mouldmade European paper, hand bound by one of our binders, a Chester River Press book will be an instant gem in your collection.






Heart of Darkness




by Joseph Conrad


Winner of the 2010

Carl Hertzog Award

for Design Excellence


A fine, letterpress limited edition with original art by maritime artist, Marc Castelli. Standard and Deluxe editions are available. Printed and designed by Chad Pastotnik and Jim Dissette for Chester River Press at Deep Wood Press. Beautifully quarter and full-bound in blue goatskin and real Cockerell paper.